[5], In 2012, Whitaker co-produced and co-hosted a short-lived radio talk show, The Dr. Zod and Johnny Show. Whitaker and Wright divorced in 1988 after four years together. Former child-star Johnny Whitaker, better known for his role as orphan Jody Davis on the ‘60s series “Family Affair,” struggled with drug and alcohol addiction as a young man.

Due to his substance abuse and subsequent successful treatment, he decided to become a certified drug counselor in order to help addicts from Spain through his own non-profit organization called the Paso Por Paso alcohol and drug rehabilitation center. Check the latest exclusive videos of Johnny Whitaker with us! 2 Ways to Vote him Up! John Orson Whitaker, Jr. (born December 13, 1959)[1] is an American actor notable for several performances for film and television during his childhood. When he suffered from alcohol addiction, he decided to help others by becoming a certified counselor. 1959 Johnny Whitaker, American actor and singer. “Family Affairs” debuted in 1966 with Brian Keith at the front as uncle Bill Davis; Sebastian Cabot as Bill’s valet Mr. French; Anissa and Johnny as twins Buffy and Jody, and Kathy Garver as their older sister, Cissy. Now, after two decades sober, he uses his experience to help others. Whitaker also volunteers at homeless shelters and has worked as a counselor helping inmates at the California State Prison Lancaster. You'll be redirected to Paypal to finish the transaction. He is President and Founder of Paso Por Paso, a California 501 (c)3 corporation dedicated to helping Spanish-speaking addicts / alcoholics find treatment and recovery. He is a masculine guy. His most prominent feature film role during this period was the lead in the musical version of Tom Sawyer (1973). A recovering addict since 1997, he has served to help others. He is a … I'm thrilled about the new Johnny Whitaker had such a rough time since he played Jody in Family Affair. Johnny Whitaker is straight. As he explained: “I didn't ever have a thought of suicide, but I did the second best thing, which was to drop into sex, drugs, and rock and roll.”. He was the only six-year-old who screen-tested for the role of Jody Davis in. He spent about seven or eight years living that way and lost three homes and three jobs until his family staged an intervention. The new Doctor Who is kinda shuffling my mental pop-culture cards, since Johnny Whitaker played Jody Davis, & this gal is Jodie Whittaker. These days, the 59-year-old is a long-term recovering addict who stays away from the cameras and works as a counselor for young people dealing with drug and alcohol problems, just like he did once. Johnny Whitaker at the 4th annual Roger Neal Oscar Viewing Dinner Icon Awards on February 24, 2019 | Photo: GettyImages.

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