i can't wait SHK ' l love her soo much. I felt like SHK was repeating characters and PBG didn't really have a good chemistry with her but I kept watching and I am glad I did. Song Hye-Kyo and Park Bo-Gum are two very talented actors and among the most popular ones as well. My famy love this drama so much,cant wait for Wednesday and Thursday for ep 5 & 6. Top 1 of course is the LITM. Lou Jan 17 2019 9:37 am Gi kim Dec 06 2018 8:28 am My_opinion Feb 01 2019 3:31 am I would speak louder trying to prod Jin-Hyeok to go hold her, embrace her or kiss her already! If he ever finds his way to New Zealand, well he's got a driver, place to stay, go fetch person - whatever ... best I go learn Korean .. Wow! Initially i hv reservation abt this show. Both actors are doing great especially Park Bo Gum. Is it because I like Song Hye Kyo or is it because this woman always chooses amazing dramas? Lead actors/ loveteam were doing a great job with their roles. The story is a bit predictable. I just wouldn't have cast her in a role like this. Writer is really bad, but only hope is director, actors and tvn. 21:30 time slot previously occupied by ". ....jeez louise that would create an awkward environment lol. It's a feel good drama. Thank you for this drama and I really love it! Catherine Jan 14 2019 10:43 am Park Bo gum role is so genuine. Love the story so much. Reminds me alot with devilish joy. I'm hoping and praying that this doesn't become a snoozefest given that PBG goes for the tender-soft-slightly passive type roles and I don't see SHK being the aggro one in this relationship either. It was almost impossible to find such KimJinHyuk's pure love in reality. Therefore I will give this drama a chance without minding all the age gap, no chemistry, and all other cheesy excuses. SAM Jan 25 2019 8:00 pm Their jobs slowly turning them into cuckolds hahahaha. lmao.

However, I'm giving it another go with ep.2 cos the 2 leading stars were really good in other dramas. Now I'm watching this drama for the second time!!! The drama became a global hit and is currently the second-highest rated show in Korean cable TV history. Unlike other really good actors that you forget who they are when they're acting because they really get into their character, here I never forget that it's Song Hye Kyo and Park Bo Gum. So sad that the ratings of this drama decreased.

jejja Feb 05 2019 9:00 am SHK and PBG were so great day by day. Drawing comparisons to Grey’s Anatomy and Friends, Hospital Playlist follows five doctors—friends since medical school—as they navigate life and death at Yulje Medical Center. I stopped it.

It got a bit boring and dull. I'm looking forward to it either ways because bo gum is incredibly gorgeous and I love age gaps chemistry (makes me sound cringey ik) plus there's nothing wrong with a divorcee falling in love again, so goodbye. It was like a diamond-coated cardboard; it is gorgeous and well made but the story itself is average. I’ll never know. Tibong Nov 30 2018 2:07 am lsy Jan 18 2019 2:55 am Daisy Garcia Dec 10 2018 4:54 am

This drama hasn't started, yet you guys keep on complaining just because of the synopsis and the writer? Really this is my one of the osm drama I ever watch really nice both the actors do great job the main character lines are very good before this drama I really don't like park bo gum but in this drama I really like him the way he is acting and as always song hye kyo is very very good actress and she is as always perfect in any drama and also she is very very lucky that she got very loving , caring , trusting & understanding husband, Monar Jan 20 2019 7:35 pm Like it's not something that we get all the time. I was so underrated my ahjussi drama when they announced the cast back then. Both of them are really good depicting at thier role..Thumps up Izumi25 Dec 04 2018 6:16 am dad im parachuting Oct 19 2018 3:07 am Their emotion, their chemistry is most excellent n fit in every way they develop... such an amazing actor n actress... But Bo Gum has his own star and he did shine the most here. Bogum is also AMAZING in that so.. Boboho Dec 11 2018 9:14 pm I honestly dont like this kind of story( older woman/younger man) Just finished the drama. window.W4GRB = new Object(); This is the best drama that i feel so touched to see what the love can do... The kisses in episode 8 surprised and touched me, especially the facial expression and emotion of PBG. Song hye kayo and park bo gum wow very passionate kiss until now I can't move on so love this drama a lot. When I first saw the trailer I was amazed and I knew this drama is worth to watch and I was right. They are attracted to each other, yet only their fate will decide whether they can live with each other.

Wow, the ratings are so high for cable tv. When faced with difficulties in life, take a deep breath smile like PBG and at least your family will not be affected by your stress. I'm such a big fan of PBG.. Who can judge a drama just by reading the summary? Sefryena Jan 15 2019 8:06 am Watch it first before your going to judge everything. Much better then Something in the rain drama where some ppl compare it to. ok just watch ep.13 and the main romance was clear sailing with only small bumps with her ex-in-laws....so something had to give way for this romance to hit a brick wall...and of course it had to be KJH's side!! I hope that the storyline doesn't run the same course as other dramas that involve the rich and powerful and those that are just ordinary people living from day to day; who are literally torn apart and made to feel like they are invisible and meaningless. freddie highmore resemblence XD, shin Oct 20 2019 5:38 am I'm impressed and surely loving this. Btw, I interested all characters in this drama, Mi Jin & dae Chan is my favorite couple also, they're so cutttteeeeeee !! They can be partnered but this time it cannot be. Acer Mar 01 2019 1:41 am

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